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We make sure, that our ZEN and UNITY Trading system, gets into your soul. As such, the systems are already very easy to understand and operate, there remains no need of any external support afterwards. However – STILL we think, we should be always available for SUPPORT. We will be in CONSTANT touch with you – forever. Now you can always smile out – since  you will always see following type of support programs :

Weekly Meetings / Discussions on – ZEN and UNITY

Weekly SUPPORT day is organized once in every week. Time duration is 6-7 hours. Venue is Mostly Baroda’s office place. Keep viewing EVENTS / NEWS / UPDATES section n HOME page. Meet us personally in SUPPORT sessions, and resolve your queries.

FREE Seminars

For those who want to learn system from myself or my team member only – they can attend the FREE seminars – where you are taught each and everything personally. Keep viewing EVENTS / NEWS / UPDATES section n HOME page.

Email support

This is always there. Mark out your queries on the CHART, take an image file, and rush your query at ashish@xchangeguru.com. You will be answered in 24-72 hours time.

Remember.. You will always FEEL at HOME with us.