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Software Requirements:

1) Metatrader 4.0 ( MT4.0 ) – Basic Charting Software – Available for FREE. Check whether your MT4.0 supports your scripts and markets, if not – get appropriate company’s MT4.0. Look on below part for guidance regarding this.
2) ZEN.exe – ZEN Trading System files and templates.
3) UNITY.exe – UNITY Trading System files and templates.
4) Manual files for ZEN and UNITY – Acrobat Reader is required.

Help in Resourcing all the above :

1) MT4.0 Software

What is MT4.0 or METATRADER 4.0 ?

It’s the basic CHARTING SOFTWARE, which we are going to use as our base for ZEN & UNITY systems. MT4.0 is the basic platform, which is used to stand on. It is world’s no. 1 charting software where you can do your technical analysis and trading, both at one go. It gives you second to second updates of the related market, all technical analysis tools, very powerful programming language to create your own trading system – again – all at one go. No wonder, why we chose MT4.0 as our platform language to design and encode our both systems.

From where to GET or DOWNLOAD MT4.0 software ?

The simplest answer is – 100+ places on internet. There are hundreds of websites, of different different brokers / user forums – from where you can get MT4.0 – for FREE practically. Lets understand this thing in a bit detail. This is important for all the new bees.

MT4.0 is one charting+trading software only, which gets associated with brokers ( especially FOREX brokers ) all over the world. Each of this broker ( eg. Broker A, Broker B… etc. ) can give you SAME MT4.0 but with labels like : A-MT4.0, B-MT4.0 ( given by Broker A & Broker B resp. ). So don’t get confused here. Remember, it’s the same MT4.0 that you can get from thousands of sites (simply because there are thousands of FOREX brokers ). The steps involved in successfully downloading and installing MT4.0 is as follows :

MT4.0 Downloading steps :

  • Select your BROKER – based on above. Go to the BROKER’s website.
  • This BROKER – may ask you – to fill out one simple form, with details like your name, email etc.
  • Download MT4.0 from the website on your PC. It would be something 5.3 MB .exe file.
  • Run this .exe file on your PC. That’s it. The .exe installer will install the MT4.0 perfectly on your PC.
  • During this installation procedure, the program will ask you to fill out one DEMO ACCOUNT form – where you will mention details like : your name, email id, capital amount, leverage etc. These are the details of your DEMO / FAKE account, with which you will be making DEMO / FAKE trades. The Broker allows us to have a feel of his services, through this DEMO account.
  • That’s it man. You are ON with the REAL MARKETS. MT4.0 is very easy to understand and operate. For a new bee also, it will take hardly 15-30 minutes to understand all basic and needed operational features of MT4.0.
  • Why it is practically FREE – Well simple.. Remember, the Broker has given you the MT4.0 DEMO version, for a DEMO account – for a DEMO period of – 2 to 60 days. ( This time period varies from broker to broker. Mostly it is 30 days ). After DEMO period – you may go and open a real account with the broker and get MT4.0 free for lifetime. OR – Just follow a simple procedure, and open a new demo account with the same MT4.0, and again glide on for next 30 days.

Resources for YOU :

Just Google out : MT4.0 DOWNLOAD – and you get 1000+ websites offering this. However we are putting in some broker names and corresponding download link from where you can get the MT4.0.

A) GCI Financial: http://www.gcitrading.com/mtdemo.htm

B) MBT Trading: http://www.mbtrading.com/metatrader4.aspx

C) INARABIA:  Download from Here

D) ForexControl: http://www.forexcontrol.com Fill out a small application form. Proceed. You get MT4.0 download link.

E) BrocoTrader: http://www.brocompany.com/brokerage-services/open-demo-account/broco-trader/ Fill out a small form. Submit. You will get an email mentioning – download link, demo user id and pwd.

For Indian – NSE and MCX markets:

We will have to work with GCI, ForexControl and BROCO. They all will be FREE practically for DEMO. You can trade with them, or with any other broker – Its your choice.

GCI will be giving 10 NSE-Cash-A-Scripts for analysis. ForexControl gives all NSE-50 stocks for analysis.

BROCO gives 5-7 major MCX scripts for analysis.

For those who want all FNO NSE scripts and all MCX scripts – will have to pay around INR 1500 for each – NSE and MCX. Email us on enquiry@xchangeguru.com for this.

Also please read in detail : MT4.0 for NSE,MCX – in the systems manuals – for detailed understandings like : how to load NSE, MCX scripts in MT4 etc.

Download & Installation video help file for: ForexControl

Download & Installation video help file for: BrocoTrader

For Forex & all international commodities markets:

All above brokers are OK.

Above are just a few helpful links to get ON with mt4.0 immediately. Remember once again – There are thousands like above. So it really becomes important here, which broker to select. Which broker to avoid. Remember, BROKER is that ship, in which you travel the oceans of market. You certainly need to know some things. This is very important and critical to decide out your broker. Refer : FOREX SPECIAL section for details.

Download & Installation video help file for: GCI Financial

For any other queries, doubts in MT4.0, just shoot an email to : ashish@xchangeguru.com.

1)  ZEN.exe – ZEN Trading System files and templates.

Click here to download ZEN.exe
Click here to download Video help File

2)  UNITY.exe – UNITY Trading System files and templates.

Click here to download UNITY.exe
Click here to download Video help File

3)  Manual files for ZEN and UNITY – Acrobat Reader is required.

Click here to download ZEN Trading Manual
Click here to download UNITY Trading Manual


A Basic Operational knowledge of MT4.0 – Using its some basic features, selecting templates, putting the trades, closing the trades etc.
- Click here to download