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We cater to the TRADING industry in multi-fold dimensions. You can definitely look out for full bunch of Market related services under one xchangeGURU.com umbrella.

We provide hi – end expertise services in :

Software Coding & Security

If you have a trading system/ concept/ idea – in You – We can develop, encode and secure an automatic computerized trading system for you. Me, and My team – are a rare combination of : Technical Analysis, Software Coding &  MT4.0. Count on us for anything related to MARKETS and COMPUTERS.


It really becomes very important to deal with a GENUINE and SAFE broker house in todays markets conditions. Especially with FOREX. Remember – Your BROKER is your sailing ship, in which you travel through the oceans of market to make profits. You may keep profiting, but if your ship has a virus, You, Your profits, Your ship – all will be inside the sea. So — You definitely cant  risk out “quality” thing in brokerage part. You definitely shouldn’t care to pay 5% extra for the real and genuine brokerage service parts. Please do not go for any CHEAP options, since You really don’t need to save that tiny amounts. Our Trading itself would be such that – we really don’t care for such marginal higher brokerage rates. This is where we come into picture, take a moral responsibility of availing you a correct broker – for each of the market. Remember, we are NOT a broker. We only see to it that our students – are with the RIGHT broker. We see that – The broker is right, genuine, safe + brokerage rates are the BEST. Just beware of the BROKER SCAMS. Read – “FOREX SPECIAL” on home page.

Our BROKER Recommendations :

For Trading into any of NSE, MCX or FOREX – please put a call to Mr. Ashish Gandhi, Cell id :- +91-9925037685 or email on  : yoggandhi@gmail.com. Please mention your name, city, contact details, markets of interest, amount of investment etc – and I assure you – You will be suggested – best broker. Be it any type of market – Indian or Abroad.

In any case – If you want any clarifications, updates, reviews on your existing brokers ( particularly in forex world ) – rush me an email : ashish@xchangeguru.com.

Taking Special Workshops on : FOREX Basics, FOREX Advanced.

Our team comprises of best coaches in the above field. I myself may not be able to cater you a personal lecture or alike. But my team member can definitely be appointed to take care of your such workshops.

For taking a personal and private workshop in : FOREX BASICS, FOREX ADVANCED –
Please put a call to Mr. Neeraj Patel :- +91-9662349875 or email on : neejveej@yahoo.com.

Trading Consultancy or Money Management or Any other type of Market Consultancy :

Rush an email to : ashish@xchangeguru.com, describing in details your plans or requirements.