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Trading has large potential rewards & risks. Don’t trade with money you cant afford to loose. The author of this course, takes no personal responsibility of your profits or losses or brokerage issues – whatsoever. xchangeGURU.com is a pure training institute which provies ready made technical trading systems usable in all trading markets. The author of this course is a pure technical analyst, with a post graduation degree in Computer Engineering, and no financial or market related degree or certification. In fact the author of this course has no time, lure and necessity for such external certifications. The Trading systems described in this course – are as a result of author’s deep personal interest and starve towards the field of Technical Analysis. The author of this course, does not lay stress in trading any one particular market – whatsoever. It is the whole and sole responsibility of the user or client or student – to remain in line with the financial markets pertaining rules and regulations of the residing company. All the images, logos, company names, product names etc used in this website, are the whole and sole properties of the respective company or person.