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About Us

Hi. I am the author of xchangeGURU.com – Ashish Pandya. And I am on duty to make you rich. Super rich. For further 5 minutes, I request you to be totally with me and forget rest all. Because this really matters…for you – if you want to grow rich. Make your life – on vacation for always. Grow big profits – consistently.

Make sure you read and understand everything written in this page. Because in here, I shall explain you step by step – the blue print or the modus operandi – of making big shot income, while trading into markets.

About ME

I am a hardcore guy, full time into – Trading, Technical Analysis & Softwares. Well, That’s the deadliest and rarest of combinations for you. My background is : Computer Engineering & I had been doing very well in the world of Computers, Softwares, IT etc., until one day, where I came across to the world of trading markets. And I must accept – my life has every changed since then. I started trading before 6-7 years, without the guidance or support of any one. Of course I didn’t knew the T of Technical analysis then. The result – A big downfall in my capital, confidence and peace. My god.. man.. I really admit very transparently – those days – were the worst in my life. Until I realised, that this phase came in my life, because I DIDN’T KNEW how to swim, and I was trading my stocks in the mid-river. Its like – I didn’t had any tools or weapons and I was in the jungle on hunt. I was not knowing Technical Analysis. I was not having Trading Systems in my those early days.

What is Technical Analysis and What is Trading Systems

Technical Analysis – is an analytical and stastical study of markets – which shows the direction of Demand and Supply – in turn showing the direction of the stock or commodity. It’s a vast ocean of knowledge ware, having power to predict anything – but natural calamities. Its like the basic alphabets in English language.

Trading System – is the child of Technical Analysis only. It’s a readymade sets of rules – followed for precise ENTRY and EXITS in a particular script. Thus making big profits consistently and peacefully. The trader need not know technical analysis in depth, and just follow the rule sets.

Example :

The engineering, mathematics, scientific principles – involved in the making of an aircraft is called Technical Analysis. Making an aircraft intakes – a lot of money, manpower, resources. But what if you want to travel from India to USA. Of course you can put in all that resources and money to make an aircraft for you and fly to states. Or else – you could just buy a ticket in an existing aircraft at very very comparatively low prices. Just board in the existing aircraft, fly peacefully to the destination. This easy procedure I will term as – Following a readymade Profitable Trading System.

Why Am I saying all this to you.

I want you to realize, that if you are not knowing – How to swim, Don’t go to the river directly. If you don’t know the ART OF TRADING, Just don’t trade into markets. Not knowing – How to trade, or Not having – A trading system, is like, going into the jungle for hunting, on bare foots. Man, You need to have a WEAPON with you for the jungles and a TRADING SYSTEM with you for the financial jungle – called market.

I want you to realize : The power of Technical Analysis. The power of Trading Systems. The power of Systematic Trading your Trading Systems.

What I didn’t follow in my early days, and faced wrong side – I want to make sure, it doesn’t happen to any other trader. God, man, You need to learn technical analysis or have a systematic trading system at your side.

Ever since I have developed a trading system – I have earned a lot of money – that too very easily and peacefully. I want to make sure, everyone of you, achieves this. Take mine or anybody else’s – But take a profitable trading system with you. And after that only, you are allowed to trade in the markets.

Make sure – You flirt with a lot of girls out there, but marry only one Trading System in your life. Well, sticking to any one trading system – is more important even, compared to sticking to one wife for life. This is the second and foremost important thing, after deciding your trading system.

What I have said in above, is very important for a newcomer to the markets specially. I hope, everyone – new or old to the markets – gets my point in here.

My Trading Systems – ZEN and UNITY

Let me open my treasure box for you now. We have developed very profitable and successful trading system called :

ZEN – Our Intraday trading system

UNITY – Our Positional trading system

We make sure, that we have developed the best aircrafts for you in the above two systems.

Just learn them for free, practice them, and keep trading with them. For life. I assure you, that life will be a vacation always thereafter.

The salient features of these systems are :

  • Inherits – complex technical analysis theories, Gann Analysis and Swing level theories. However the user is required to just follow simple observations.
  • More than 11 indicators merged into 2 or 3 very powerful indicators.
  • Most Successful and Profitable. Accuracy rates ~ 90% grade
  • Easiest to understand. Any new bee can learn and understand them in max.1-2 hours
  • Gives very precise ENTRY, EXITs and STOP LOSS.
  • Can be followed peacefully. No point in making money, if you get stressed out
  • Gives MORE and BIGGER profitable shots. LESS and SMALLER loss shots.

ZEN and UNITY – both are 90% accurate systems. Just putting in some Money Management rules will make sure, you make profits – CONSISTENTLY.

There is no profitable business, where you don’t make a PURCHASE entry. Similarly, There is no profitable trading system – which doesn’t make a LOSS entry. Simple. See PROFITS as SALES. See LOSS as PURCHASE. And you will be out of the LOSS taboo. Just as if – it’s the work of a businessman to keep sales on very higher side, and purchase on very lower side. Similarly it’s the work of a gem of trading system to give you more and big profits. Less and smaller losses.

How to Learn ZEN and UNITY

I have kept things, very simple. I have kept the things – LEAST COMMERCIAL. This website, My workshops, My Seminars – are a hobby sort of thing – of course not being my primary source of income. God’s grace, Trading produces enough money for me.

First thing, I want to make sure is – I don’t want any one, who is in here for a TIME PASS. Even I don’t want his money or whatsoever. ZEN and UNITY are for those – who are serious and have a die-hard attitude in making a success. Those are my target audience.

Step 1:
Attend our Free Seminar ( organized frequently at all major cities )
Learn both the trading systems from me – will not take more than 1-2 hrs
Also I will show you the past performances of the system in free seminar


Download the operating manual of both trading systems.
Learn the trading systems yourselves. Very easy to learn on ones own.
Come to our Office with appointment to see past performances

Step 2:
If you feel OK, Take a DEMO of any one or both the systems – for 10 Days @ Peanut prices.
Step 3:
Pay for full subscriptions. Keep following the system, mechanically.

Free Seminars and Support Sessions

I keep on arranging Free Seminars in all the big cities. You come to know about these events through our website or facebook updates. You can come down to any of these free seminar sessions. In here, I will show you the system, teach you the system, and show its performances in the historical market movements.

I also arrange for : Weekly Support Sessions. You can drop down in any of these weekly sessions – clear your doubts. Alternatively, I also show the performance of the systems in the latest market movements.

We also conduct Special sessions on FOREX markets – from Basics to Advanced.

My Commitment

I will teach everything related to ENTERRING and EXITING the profitable trades.You need not learn everything about technical analysis. Just learn our ready made trading systems, and make profits.

The more you are new to markets, The more you are a good student to learn these. For those who already are an expert in technical analysis, Just be open and try out mine systems. Happiness guaranteed.

Your Commitment

You shall swear to follow the rules of the system AS IT IS.

You will never be greedy. Nor will be afraid to put in a shot when entry is there.

You will follow only one thing in the world – Your system. And not listen to anyone else. You will not take the opinions of any : Newspaper, Channel or Friend in your trading. This is very strict and straight.

You will not be a lazy chap.

Who can master ZEN and UNITY

Anyone who is having a basic operational knowledge of computers, word like software.

Anyone who is open minded and having a zeal in him her to make a career in trading.

Money Back Guarantee

And yes.. my best and most unbeatable moneyback guarantee ( for full subscription and not the demo amount ).

If you duly find – that my ZEN and UNITY systems are giving a consistent loss in the scripts ( area of focus scripts ), for a consecutive period of one month ( back historical data ), follow these steps :

  1. Within 10 days of paying full subscription cost, rush an email to : moneyback@xchangeguru.com
  2. Please tell me the instance where my systems had failed. We’ll discuss this out on email or phone.

In case, you stand OK, I will pass you back your full subscription amounts in 2-3 days. In fact, I will be obliged to you, having pointed me, the bugs in my systems. Surely, I would work on them. And get a more better version of my systems.

So That’s it man..

I hope I have put everything in here. Sweet and Simple. And what only, was necessary for you to know. It’s a saying – Market teaches you everything. But believe me, market teaches you the harsh way. And I will teach you in a sweet way. Its your call.

Remember – If there is anything worth to be tried once – Its worth trying thousand times.

God Bless All,

Yours sincerely,

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Ashish Pandya