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Who are we

We are xchangeGURU.com, A company having expertise In – Trading, Tech.Analysis & Softwares.

Why are we here

We are here to show you our best designs : ZEN Intrady & UNITY Positional Trading Systems. The most successful, profitable and easy trading systems.

Why we only

Simply, because we are the best. Systems are easiest to learn & Profiting is so natural.

What you need to do

Step 1 : LEARN ZEN & UNITY – FREE right now. Online Manuals available.

Step 2 : Take a DEMO By paying some nominal Charges.

Step 3 : Practise, Back Test yourself and get Convinced about the Profitability of the sytems.

Step 4 : Subscribe our Systems Fully and trade In peace for ever

MARKETS focused on

All – Equities, Commodites & Forex Markets. India – NSE, MCX, Forex

Software Platform

MetaTrader 4.0 ( MT4.0 ) Use it FREE

Who can learn

Any one who has basic Computer knowledge can Grow from 0 to expert in 1-2 hours max.

24*7 Support

24*7 online type Weekly Personal sessions Full Money Back Guarantee


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